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Welcome to the Premier Boston Courier Service "usground". Our same day delivery and distribution firm is the only Courier Company in New England operating with a Multi-Dispatch Center Strategy. Our Boston Dispatch Center is located at 152 Milk St. Boston, MA (right in the heart of Downtown). From here we process all local messenger services. Our Corporate Headquarters, Warehouse and Distribution Center is located in Woburn, MA. From here we manage our Multi-Dispatch Center Strategy (17 usground Branded Operations). For immediate service call 1-866-USGROUND or, find the Courier Dispatch Center nearest you.

Currently we service over 2000 Companies in Greater Boston and over 3000 customers in cities and towns across all parts of Massachusetts. You too should take advantage of usground and our special offer to save up to 10 percent through December 2015.

To speak with a usground sales representative or to arrange immediate pickup, call 1-866-USGROUND between the hours of 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM weekdays and 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Saturday. In addition, pickup and delivery is available during non business hours by appointment, simply call 1-866-USGROUND (866-874-7686).

In and around Boston our clients have grown to trust our time sensitive "Direct Rush" courier service. For example, we can deliver to any address within Route 95 and 495 in 1 to 2 Hours. We constantly measure our Courier Performance and Guarantee that if we do not meet or beat a promised deadline, we will reduce your rate accordingly. Established accounts can download a daily courier performance report. It doesn't matter if your shipment is going across town or to NYC, PA or anywhere on the East Coast, you have our guarantee that usground will pick up and deliver faster than any other Boston Courier Service. We Guarantee It!

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