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Small Package Delivery We provide around the clock on time delivery service. Small packages, cartons and heavy freight can be transported 365 days a year. more info Legal Courier Trained Legal Couriers at usground are familiar with all state and federal court filing procedures. more info Records Management With usground you get the benefit of having your records under the same roof as your courier/distribution center. Unlike traditional records management companies, we do not outsource the delivery component. Clearly this saves our customers money, in some cases lots of money. more info Medical Courier We understand the importance of fast pick up and delivery because sometimes getting your package there is a matter of life or death. With lightening speed, we can handle a full range of Professional Medical Deliveries. more info RouteCourier® Establish total efficiency with our pre-scheduled pick-up and delivery service. Whether a regular interoffice mail run, daily bank deposit or an evening shipping run, you will find our services to be affordable and prompt. more info Leased Driver & Vehicle (LD&V) Program With usground Leased Driver & Vehicle (LD&V) Program, businesses can lock in to the value of a hired consultant. Our customers receive the benefits of an expert courier and late model vehicle to accommodate all routine delivery needs. more info Storage/Warehouse usground warehousing, creates a 365 days a year warehousing / delivery combination enabling you to effectively meet the mission critical delivery needs. more info Trade Show/Convention Guaranteed pick up & delivery of convention and trade show exhibits... more info Trucking Delivery Services When requested we'll dispatch a Cargo Van for fast pick up and transport just about anything. You can order a straight truck when heavy weights exceed 7500 pounds. more info Value Service For same day service at affordable rates, simply request Value Services and you save 25 percent. more info