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Small package delivery :

Boston Courier, Via Bike Messenger
Request Hot Rush
for 15-30 minute

Boston Courier, Express Cargo Vans

Boston Courier, and Messenger Svc

Get a Boston Courier to all Points in New England.

In Boston Proper we pick up in as little as 15 to 30 minutes. Simply request HotRush and we'll pick up and deliver your package or cartons in under 60 minutes. For deliveries to and from all points Massachusetts and New England, again our HotRush Dispatch System is the fastest in the business. Anywhere along Route 128 or 495 you can expect pick up in under 60 minutes followed by Direct delivery, no stops along the way. For time sensitive shipments which do not require HotRush, we offer SameDay 3.5. Here we pick up and deliver in less than 3.5 hours. And if you want the best value available in the business, request SaveEx. Request SaveEx anytime before 12PM and we guaranteed delivery by 4PM, same day! For route 128 that's less than FedEx next day. And for Boston, we'll always be less than FedEx or UPS. We guarantee it. Just ask for a Boston Courier and we'll see you in a minute!

Many of our competitors close at 5 or 6PM. Not so with USGROUND. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year (some restrictions apply). We are a full service Courier Company providing same day delivery seven days a week. We operate messengers, cars, vans and trucks.

In addition to last minute needs we offer Scheduled and Routed services. Mails pickups and delivery, bank deposits and inter-office mail runs can all be pre-arranged. Regardless of your courier needs, if you would benefit by having a scheduled courier arrive daily, weekly or even monthly, we can easily accommodate that need. Our courier staff are uniformed, insured and bonded. You'll love the service, we guarantee it.

Recently we acquired Messenger of New England. In this case we were happy to customize some of our services to satisfy our new group of customers. If you don't have an account with USGROUND, you can register here, or you can contact us by telephone today at 1-866-USGROUND. We'll immediately email rates and our brochure. Welcome to usground!

Boston Courier Service | Dispatch Line: 1.617.457.7800

Corporate: 1.866.USGROUND (1.866.874.7686)